Baby, it’s cold outside. #StayWarmWithABook

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Baby-Its-Cold-Outside-Giveaway-2_200Dear Readers,

Brrrr! It’s been so cold in Texas with all the snow, some authors and I got together and decided we needed to do our part to help people stay warm!

We’re banding together to offer a huge prize to celebrate our January and February new releases. As you all know, Hot Tango just came out and Picture Her Bound is right around the corner–so of course I want to offer you guys all the opportunity to get free stuff!

To enter is easy, simply go through the entries in the Rafflecopter below. If everything works out, it will show up in this post and you won’t have to go elsewhere. Which is my goal. I don’t want you to have to jump through too many hoops.

So who is participating? What can you win?

Here’s a list of all the authors, their release dates and the titles they have coming out:

  • 1/21/2014: Faye Hunter, A Taste (Castle O Series)     Facebook   |   Twitter
  • 1/27/2014: Clarissa Wild, Fierce     Facebook   |   Twitter
  • 1/28/2014: Roxie Rivera, In Jack’s Arms (Fighting Connollys #2)     Facebook   |   Twitter
  • 2/3/2014: Cari Quinn, Shadowboxer (Tapped Out #1)     Facebook   |   Twitter
  • 2/3/2014: Crista McHugh, Breakaway Hearts     Facebook   |   Twitter
  • 2/4/2014: Natasha Moore, Playing for Real     Facebook   |   Twitter
  • 2/7/2014: Holley Trent, Teaching the Cowboy     Facebook   |   Twitter
  • 2/10/2014: Keri Ford, Rough Play (Roughnecks of Apple Trail #2)     Facebook   |   Twitter
  • 2/18/2014: Zoe York, When They Weren’t Looking     Facebook   |   Twitter
  • 2/19/2014: Sidney Bristol, Picture Her Bound     Facebook   |   Twitter
  • 2/23/2014: Cora Seton, The Cowboy Lassos a Bride     Facebook   |   Twitter
  • 2/24/2014: J.K. Harper, Hunting Wolf     Facebook   |   Twitter
  • 2/28/2014: Cate Baylor, A Crazy Reunion     Facebook   |   Twitter

And here is the massive list of stuff you can win (in author’s release date order):

  • Any book in the Castle O series by Faye Hunter (eBook)
  • Fierce by Clarissa Wild x3 (eBook)
  • In Kelly’s Corner by Roxie Rivera (print or eBook)
  • Signed print book + swag of Shadowboxer by Cari Quinn (US only)
  • Seduced (first in Lost in Oblivion series) by Cari Quinn (eBook)
  • Reader’s choice of backlist for Crista McHugh (print (US only) or eBook)
  • Playing for Real by Natasha Moore (eBook)
  • Teaching the Cowboy by Holley Trent (eBook)
  • Rough Ride (Roughnecks of Apple Trail #1) by Keri Ford (eBook)
  • The Cowboys of Chance Creek Vols 1-3 bundle by Cora Seton (eBook)
  • Hunting Wolf (Book 3 in Black Mesa Wolves series) x2 by by J.K. Harper (eBook)
  • Alpha Wolf (Book 2 in Black Mesa Wolves series) by by J.K. Harper (eBook)
  • Welcome to Wardham 3 book Contemporary Romance Bundle by Zoe York (eBook)
  • When They Weren’t Looking by Zoe York (eBook)
  • Picture Her Bound by Sidney Bristol (eBook)
  • A Crazy Reunion by Cate Baylor (eBook)

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