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I’ve seriously been blown away by the reception people have been giving Committed. I’m super excited to share some of these review snippets!!

Also, just an author note, I do not go searching for review quotes. It’s a personal rule. I’m only sharing those review quotes that people have sent me links to, or I was tagged in on-line. I’m totally open to reading your review, but for the sake of time, I don’t go looking for them. Thanks for understanding!Romance

Sydney Bristol writes with a lot of insight in the human psyche, a tremendous amount of intelligence and a good dose of humor. She has a quirky side to writing that comes out in her character of Poppy, who seems a little ‘odd’ at times, but wonderfully so. Ms. Bristol also deals in passing, so as not to give it more credence than it’s worth, with a mixed race relationship and some minor adversity it generates. But more importantly, she shows the overall matter of fact acceptance as “nothing special” by the majority, which is lovely to see.

~Ripe for Reader

The drama in Committed was gripping. The bad guy was the worst. I hated him and I was happy that he got what was coming for him. Even though he was an abusive, murdering scumbag, he failed to break Poppy of her spirit and love of life.

We get our HEA at the end, and it’s just as sweet as I’d hoped it would be. I’ll definitely be on the look out for more by Sidney Bristol. 10/10 would recommend.

~That Ginger Girl Reads

This is a well-written, complex, and absolutely sexy book you will not be able to put down.

~As You Wish Reviews

This book was crazy good.  It was gripping from the BDSM scene.  This book was so much more though than just passion.  It has many layers with two stories happening simultaneously.

~BB’s Book Reviews

What can I say about Committed other then WOW.  I have a horrible habit of judging a book by its cover and not reading descriptions.  Needless to say when I start reading a story I am blown away about how different it is then what i’m expecting from my single glances.  However, I am pleased to say my uneducated book requesting has steered me to Sidney Bristol.

~Coffee Books Life

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