Sex Scene Championship!

SSC 2014Dear Readers,

I was seriously remiss last week in not posting about being in the Sex Scene Championship.

I apologize.

However, the readers pulled it off–and we won the round!

((We, as in, you, your friends–and me. WE DID IT!!))

It wouldn’t have happened without you–the readers–voting for Damien and Poppy. Thank you. Thank you guys so much. I’m thrilled we won the first round.

Now, happy dances aside, the next round will begin September 1st. For those of us in America, we’ll see the link go live on August 31st. I’ll make sure to post again this time. Promise. Cross my heart and hope to die.

Going into this, I wanted to win one round. Just one. From here on out, I’m thrilled to just be part of it. Thank you readers for giving me this gift and for loving Damien and Poppy. 🙂

Sidney Sig

One thought on “Sex Scene Championship!

  1. Pansy Petal says:

    Congrats on round one! It has been interesting reading these excerpts. What a fun award to be up for you sex scene goddess!

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