Something Happier. Foster cats!

Mario and YoshiDear Readers,

It’s been some months since Mario and Yoshi’s passing. If those names are strange to you, they were my Maine Coon rescue cats I got back in…2012? 2011? A couple of years ago. I knew when I got them they were senior cats and I’d get a handful of years with them. Mario and Yoshi gave me companionship, love and many laughs right up until the end. I miss them, and even as I type this I get a little misty-eyed. Some animals connect with us on such a deep level. For me, it was them.

Many people have urged me to jump in the deep end and get another cat. Many have offered to help find me a pet. It’s been very touching, and thank you to everyone who has reached out. I appreciate it. I’m still not “ready” for a permanent animal in my home that is mine, but I do want companionship during the day and I miss caring for fuzzballs. Which is why we have made the decision to foster cats from a local rescue.

We are currently closing in on our second week of fostering, and it’s gone very well.

NicholasRight now we foster two at a time. Our very first fosters were a Russian Blue mix named Nicholas. He was one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever met. Younger, lots of energy and completely loving. I knew he’d go fast, so I was ready this last weekend when a family adopted him–and quickly bought one of each kind of toy the store had, plus a cat tree. I know he’s going to be well cared for.

NedOur other foster that first week was Ned, a polydactyl or Hemingway cat, named after a Game of Thrones character. I admit to not having seen the show, but my boyfriend has and was greatly amused when Ned hid behind his Game of Thrones books. Ned hasn’t been adopted–yet. We really enjoy Ned. He’s a bit quieter personality wise, but loves crawling in our laps and cuddling while we watch TV.

IMG_20141026_204354The most recent foster is Charlie. He’s an orange, striped little boy with unending buckets of energy. Unending. Seriously. I’ve so far seen him play for two hours and then keep going when his playmates left. He’s a purr box who loves to be on or around you at all times.

When we find the right cats for us, it’ll be a great day. For now, I’m enjoying the hell out of giving back to these little fur babies and helping them find their forever families. 🙂


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