Foster Cat Tales

Selfie2Dear Readers,

I shared with you all some time ago that we’ve begun fostering cat(s), but unless you follow me on other social media, you’re probably unaware of all the cats that have come through our home, or any of the crazy things that happen. So I figure, why not share a little slice of my current foster cat situation?

We currently have a very sweet, timid girl staying with us named Bellatrix. When I’ve been able to hold her, she purs and is very nice. However, I can count on one hand the number of times in the last two weeks we’ve been able to handle her. She’s not very keen on being with us.

This morning I came into my office. The door got shut at some point last night, which isn’t a bad thing, but didn’t really rate on my radar. I sat in my desk chair, wrapping myself in my electric blanket since there’s still snow on the ground here in Texas.

Then–I sniffed.

There was an odd odor in the air.

I recognized that aroma, but I’d also just woken up and my brain was having a hard time placing it. At the same time, the heating coils were kicking in, giving the scent a fresh boost.

And then it hit me.

Cat pee.

There was cat pee on my blanket. And now in my chair. And my clothes. And my hair.

Yup. My good morning gift this morning was cat pee.

I love cats. That’s what I keep reminding myself this morning!!

Have a good weekend, guys!

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