The March Reader Update Vlog is here!

I confirm that I am alive, that Texas is thawing and the glory of cats. Because they rock. Also, upcoming releases and conferences!

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2 thoughts on “The March Reader Update Vlog is here!

  1. Pansy Petal says:

    Texas thawing? Ah . . . I look out my window right now and wonder when Michigan moved south. It is almost white-out conditions out there right now. Sadness. Secrets on Cheesecake Reader Lounge? Really? Cool. It has been so quiet there. We need some livening up. A push to come out of hibernation from this cold, snowy winter. Actually love your Vlog! It is so real. Moses looks like a big baby. So sweet. Now I am going to curl up in my favorite chair – if Dusty, my cat will let me have it – wrap up in a couple of warm blankets, and read. You have a good day and stay warm. (Really, what happened to Texas being warm?)

    • Sidney says:

      Just thought it was thawing!! We’re going to get ice tonight/tomorrow. Should be interesting.

      The quiet is totally my fault. I got pretty swamped between now and Christmas to the point of drowning and let some things slide. I’m not proud of it! Now, I’m all about warm blankets. I’m currently wrapped in an electric blanket while Moses and Ned groom each other.

      Moses isn’t a huge cat, but he’s so fluffy!! I <3 him. 🙂
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