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Dear Readers,

This last week has kicked my butt! After two fantastic events I have caught the mother of all con-cruds! I’m not entirely well yet, but I’m on the mend.

IMG_20150524_120102Last weekend I dragged two friends of mine down to Austin with me to attend a lovely Romance Inc. event called Austin Author Affair. It was at a hotel right on the arboretum so not only was it near-ish to downtown, but with all the trees and space you could want.

IMG_20150522_193445The event kicked off Friday with a welcome-turned-birthday party that was loads of fun. I got to meet and chat with fellow authors and attendees that came in from out of town. There was lots of catching up to do with everyone so it was really nice to have such a relaxed atmosphere after the crazy of RT.

20150523_135753Saturday was the signing. Despite the torrential rains there was a good crowd pretty much all day. For those who have been watching the news, this was the beginning of what has become the flooding here in Texas, but it didn’t bother those who came out all that much. We talked books, gushed about our favorite authors and oh yeah, I almost sold out of all my paperbacks!

20150523_121529My two friends were pretty snazzy, if you ask me. They made tutus to match my hair and had shirts that said Bristol’s Book Babes. That was pretty awesome! It was a first for me. 😀

After such a lovely signing my friends and I were starving, so we hit a local tamale house then 6th Street to do a little shopping. Of course the skies opened up and it started to rain again, but not only was it raining, there was a tornado–though not super nearby. We took shelter in a tattoo parlor and since the opportunity was there, both a friend and I got tattoos! I mean, when on 6th Street, why not, right?

IMG_20150524_152250My tattoo is a blue quill. It’s one of the recent adds to my list of tattoos to get and I’m super happy with it. For those who are curious–didn’t hurt at all. If it wasn’t for all the activity, it would have put me straight to sleep.

Once we were inked up and shopped out, we went back to the hotel to join the already in progress karaoke after party. After signing our hearts out and having a couple drinks, the event was officially over. Austin Author Affair was so much fun! Big thanks to all the readers who came out. You made the event rock!

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One thought on “Austin Author Affair

  1. Pansy Petal says:

    I want a Bristol’s Book Babes t-shirt. 😀 Sounds like y’all had a lot of fun. Love the new tat! Thank you for sharing!

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