I love readers!

Dear Readers,

Anytime I open the mailbox at my house and see an envelope from my publishers, my heart beats a little faster. Only good things come in envelopes!

Now, typically I know when to expect envelopes, but yesterday when I saw one sporting the stylistic Kensington K, I had no clue what it could be! None at all! And it was thick, a little bulky. I opened it up right away.

IMG_20150612_083027Inside was a letter from one of the awesome ladies I met at RT who works for Kensington. You see, there was an event the last half of the conference where people could come to a room, get a free book and then take a moment to write a “love letter” to their favorite Kensington authors. Since I’m new, I wasn’t expecting anything and attended the event thinking I’d hang out. Chat with readers. Meet some more of the Kensington family.

So imagine my surprise when I opened the letter and found some lovely notes readers sent me! It really made my day. I’m adding these letters to the shoe box of items to add to my reader wall I hope to construct this summer. Ya know, after I turn this book in!

Thank you guys for making this the best job ever!

New Sid Sig

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