Read an excerpt from A is for… by L. DuBois, part of the First Taste boxed set!

“My friends and companions in debauchery.” There was a hint of amusement in Master Mikel’s voice. “Prepare yourselves.” He pulled off the cloth.

Four neat rows of silver letters were revealed—the alphabet, A to Z. Anna looked from the board to the overseers and back. She didn’t understand.

“When you joined us you completed a sex, kink and fetish checklist. Some of you have updated it as your tastes evolved, others have only one on file.” Master Mikel dropped the drape to the floor.

“Of all the hundreds of delicious sexual things on that list, many of you have only tried a few,” Mistress Faith scolded. “We will no longer allow that.”

Anna swallowed. What did that mean?

“Each of you has been assigned to a letter, and with it, every kink and fetish in that part of the alphabet.”

Now even the subs were shifting nervously. Anna couldn’t remember much about the checklist except that reading it had made her crave a Dom’s touch.

“You have one month to try your letter’s items.”

“Wait a minute, you can’t expect us—” A Dom in the hayloft started to protest, but it was cut short when Master Leo held up a hand.

“We’ve also become complacent in our playmates. Those subs who are bound to a Master will be assigned to their Master’s letter. Those of you who aren’t formally bound or whose file says that you are willing to share or be shared, may be partnered with someone new. Possibly more than one someone.”

Anna’s stomach twisted. She was tempted to look around and find the tall, strong form of Master Jensen, but she obediently kept her gaze on the overseers.

“Not every pair or group will be able to complete all items under their letter.” Master Mikel started wandering between the subs, touching heads and shoulders as he passed. “Masters will be limited by the sub’s checklist. The game does not give anyone the right to override a sub’s limits. You may not do anything the sub has not indicated a desire or willingness to try.”

He picked up a lock of Anna’s hair and let it slither between his fingers as he passed. She shivered as he walked away. His footsteps stopped and he let out a little laugh. “Don’t worry, most of these pretty little things were quite liberal with their limits.”

“Masters! Come pick up your envelopes.” Master Leo motioned and Gabriela, a pretty Hispanic sub, rose and disappeared into the tack room. She returned holding a box, the tops of the envelopes within scraping against the bottoms of her naked breasts. “Each of you will receive your letter, the names of your assigned partner or partners, the list of associated activities, kinks and tools, and your partner’s checklist. Those of you who have reserved space in the mansion for this weekend are expected to begin your checklist activities tonight. The rest of you should begin planning and make reservations.”

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First Taste: A Collection of Hot Alpha Doms, First in Series Romances

Welcome to your FIRST TASTE of forbidden desire. This erotic romance collection introduces six hot series of the alpha Dominants and the sassy submissives who love them. These six previously published books of varying lengths open the doors into new worlds of temptation. What’s your flavor?

The Principles of Lust, Lush 1 – Sasha White

Businesswoman Teal Jamison knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. With her dream art gallery about to open, she’s in need of some serious stress relief, and virile carpenter Zack Dillon is just the man to give it to her. Only Zack doesn’t think they’re a good match. He likes to be in control, always, and Teal’s anything but submissive when she comes on to him.

Frisky Business, Frisky Series 1 – Michele Bardsley

When executive assistant Claire Williams is talked into one last favor for her ex-boss, magazine publisher and billionaire playboy, Lucius Devereaux, she never imagines she’ll end up at a BDSM resort. Or in the arms of the one man who’s always been off-limits.

Picture Her Bound, Bayou Bound 1 – Sidney Bristol

Odalia Foucheaux is a police officer desperate enough to break the rules.  Jacques Savoy is the bounty hunter standing between her and ruin. He wants her safe from harm as much as he desires her body, her soul—and her submission.

Come Monday, Wild Irish 1 – Mari Carr

After the death of her mother, Keira Collins became a surrogate parent to her younger brothers and sisters, her dreams put on hold. Now, at 27, she’s finally pursuing a college degree. Between classes, working at the family pub and still tending to siblings, she’s no time for romance. So why is she spending all her rare free time fantasizing about hot Professor Wallace bending her over his desk?

One Gold Heart, Dominant Cord 1 – Sadie Haller

When reclusive oboist, Mac Wallis agrees to replace an injured friend for the Christmas concert season, she gets more than she bargained for when she meets Dom, Finn Taylor and has to decide whether to take a chance or return to her life of seclusion.

A is for…, BDSM Checklist 1 – L. Dubois

The overseers of LA’s most exclusive BDSM club have a sexy new game—everyone is assigned a letter, and they have to try every kink, toy and activity from that part of the BDSM checklist. Master Jensen knows who, and what, he wants—Anna—but when he gets the first letter of the alphabet he must prove to himself, and the lovely submissive, that he’s willing to push them both to their limits, and maybe beyond.

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