Read an excerpt from A is for… by L. DuBois, part of the First Taste boxed set!

“My friends and companions in debauchery.” There was a hint of amusement in Master Mikel’s voice. “Prepare yourselves.” He pulled off the cloth. Four neat rows of silver letters were revealed—the alphabet, A to Z. Anna looked from the board to the overseers and back. She didn’t understand. “When you Read More

Read an excerpt from The Principles of Lust by Sasha White, part of the First Taste boxed set!

Zach desperately wanted to have one of the cold beers waiting patiently in his fridge when he got out of the shower, but he knew it would be a mistake. He was already on edge after being tempted by Teal’s unspoken invitation, and alcohol would only weaken his control. Instead, Read More

Read an excerpt from Come Monday by Mari Carr, part of the First Taste boxed set!

She rushed into Professor Wallace’s office shortly after nine with an apology hovering on her lips. “Shut the door, Miss Collins,” he said before she could speak. “And lock it.” She obeyed, wondering at his too-calm disposition. “Come here.” Again she complied and a tiny part of her marveled at Read More

All new boxed set up for pre-order: First Taste!

Dear Readers, In a few short weeks the First Taste boxed set will be up for purchase! As of right now, you can pre-order this for all of $.99. This is six first in series books, for one super low price. Pre-order now: Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Apple Read More