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Dear Readers,

Some years begin, and we all know things have to be different.

I went into 2016 knowing things needed–no, had–to be different. I’ve got a lot of things to juggle and organizing my life has not been that easy as of late. My tried and true rules are…well…failing me. So this year, it was time to do something different!

1To that end, I’ve dived into the world of paper planners. Now, I used to use these like my life depended on it. In college I even made my own based on my academic needs and all the space I needed to jot down assignments. Later on, I used a store bought binder planner until I went totally digital. Let me say, I find digital calendars extremely useful. I do not plan on letting go of my Google Calendar. You can’t even pry it from my cold, dead hands, lol.

So why am I going back to paper if I love my on-line calendar so very much?

In part, it’s because I’ve been having issues remembering things and getting everything accomplished. This alone tells me I need to change things up. And to that end, I want to physically write out things this year, which engages not only my mind, but my body, in the task.

I bought a few different planners, but the one that has really fit into my life is the Day Designer by Whitney English. This planner is big, it’s on the pricier side, but I’ve found that it fits my needs the best. Plus, it looks so dang classy, I feel like I have to seriously up my game just to use it!

2So what makes this planner so awesome?

The Day Designer has two layouts. The first is a monthly layout, followed by a page a day layout. For me, it’s the two column approach to each and every single day that really makes this planner awesome.

In short, the planner has an hour break down on the left, and a To Do list on the right. Up top there’s space for three major to do items, dollars, due, don’t forget and dinner.

2016 kicked off with a full plate. A plate so full, I was having some major anxiety about what I needed to accomplish each and every day. To that end, I developed my own, custom system for sorting the day’s To Do’s. I haven’t found another planner that allowed for enough room on each daily page to accommodate my lists. Since January 1st, these lists have kept me on track and running smoothly. Combined with the Day Designer, I’m positioning myself to do All The Things in 2016!!

Besides the functionality of the Day Designer, it’s just so dang pretty. Each page has inspirational quotes, some of which have really spoken to me. The quality of the planner is impressive. I’m all round just very thrilled with this planner. 🙂




Anyone else been bitten by the planner bug? Clearly I am in the deck-it-out category when it comes to the planners!


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