Aiden in Kensington’s #UltimateHero contest!

TEXTSidney-Bristol--Aiden-DeHartDear Readers,

The gloves are on! Aiden DeHart from DRIVE is going head to head with Alexandra Ivy’s Rafe Vargas from KILL WITHOUT MERCY.

Voting is now open!

Go check out the match on Kensington’s tumblr page. Polls will be open for 24 hours so you only have today to vote! Make it count!

Blazing Miami sun. Cool classic cars. Dangerous undercover assignment. In Sidney Bristol’s scorching new Hot Rides series, the cars are fast and the romance is furious…

Aiden DeHart has a history–and secrets. His classic car garage is a front for an FBI operation. His current mission: get some evidence from a drug dealer’s ex-wife, then get out. Madison Haughton sending his engine into overdrive isn’t part of the plan, though, especially considering she might not be as innocent as Aiden thought…

Since her divorce from her sleazeball ex, Madison has sworn off bad boys, gotten some sweet tattoos, and become a star of Miami’s roller derby scene. But however fast she skates, her ex is always on her tail. When the sexy guy in the muscle car offers to help, he could be her ticket to safety–or a detour down a deadly road…

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One thought on “Aiden in Kensington’s #UltimateHero contest!

  1. Pansy Petal says:

    This was really a hard vote for my. I voted for Aiden because I adore you and would like to see you win. However, he had some very stiff (pardon the pun) competition. Especially for someone who prefers the rugged look to the pretty boy. *sigh* But I remained a good girl and only drooled over the other guy while voting for your guy. I must say tough, I think they kind of rigged this with unfair comparisons.

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