Dangerous Attraction Parts Two and Three are going away!

Dear Readers,

Today is a day I knew was coming. When I set out to write the Aegis Group as a series I knew that with so many installments of one book out, the series would get confusing for new readers. As of today, Parts Two and Three of the Dangerous Attraction serial will be going down off vendor sites. But don’t worry! Part One will remain available as a freebie read. This allows new readers to give the series a whirl before buying in. If you haven’t yet read Dangerous Attraction, never fear! The Complete Serial price, $3.99, is actually cheaper than buying each installment at $2.99 a pop.┬áThe goal here is to make it less confusing for new readers to jump into the series.

Thank you guys for being awesome! You’ve made the whirl-wind experience of this series so much fun.

If you have not yet purchased Dangerous Attraction, here are the links for the Complete Serial!

Amz US – http://bit.ly/DAAmzUS

Nook – http://bit.ly/DABandN

iBooks – http://bit.ly/DAiBooks

Kobo – http://bit.ly/DAKobo


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