The mission: Protect his one-night stand from being kidnapped and tortured.

Nolan Thompson doesn’t mix business with pleasure. Too bad his latest job has him protecting the sweetest body he’s ever touched. There’s nothing about the cool, calculated business woman that makes him think of the sensual, shy sex kitten he met in Vegas. It shouldn’t be difficult to keep his hands to himself when she’s sending him “get lost” signals, but the rules change when her brother is kidnapped.

Yvonne Krieger is hiding a ticking-time-bomb of a secret with a nine-month fuse. Her unforgettable Vegas night left her with a lot more than pleasure and a memorable walk of shame with only one shoe. The very man who charmed her into bed is now the man charged with keeping her body safe and getting her troublesome little brother home. Under the growing pressure from her family to help cover up the kidnapping, Yvonne finds that the only person she can trust is Nolan.

In the face of danger, Yvonne and Nolan become unlikely allies as they attempt to piece together the mystery surrounding her brother’s kidnapping. Every step brings their walls crumbling down until the line between their work and private lives is blurred. Nolan knows Yvonne is holding out on him, and he’s determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and capture Yvonne’s heart.



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