All Eyes on Him

All Eyes on Him
Series: Men on the Edge, Book 1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Tags: Contemporary, Suspense

Dimitra Bates hates him. She hates him to the core. So why is Wesley the one person trying to save her from her old crew? He killed her father, thrusting her deeper into this world of crime and death. She will never forgive Wesley for taking what should have been hers: her father's life.

Black Ops Operative Wesley Gonzalez has an impossible task: recruit the woman whose father he just killed for a dangerous mission and use her as bait to capture an FBI assassin who has slipped his leash. Putting Dimitra and Wesley together is a recipe for disaster. Not only because Dimitra is deadly with a knife, but because she's the one woman he can't get out of his head.

Bound together out of necessity, it isn't long before their passionate game of cat and mouse ignites the night. But their secrets are catching up to them. While Wesley shows Dimitra exactly how a lady should be treated and tries to keep his heart safe from the deadly temptress, danger is closing in. And it's coming for both of them.

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About the Book

The following is a list of tropes, content advisories, and trigger warnings that apply to this title:

  • enemies to lovers
  • forced proximity
  • graphic sex
  • violence
  • child abuse
  • alluded sexual assault
  • dead parent
  • self-harm
  • discussion of weight
  • questionable consent

In-depth explanations:

  • Enemies to Lovers: The tension is founded and revolves around assumptions and outside actions.
  • Graphic Sex: Standard Sidney Bristol heat level
  • Violence: This book may be more violent than other Sidney Bristol works. It features a morally gray hero who takes it upon himself to perform a revenge killing.
  • Child Abuse: This is not discussed in detail. Only broad strokes. The shero of this book survived an abusive, tumultuous childhood. SPOILER: Every person responsible is dead by the end of the book.
  • Alluded Sexual Assault: This is up to the reader’s discretion. The shero maintains that she was a willing participant. The hero is of the opinion that she had no choice. These are repeated acts in her history that are not discussed in length.
  • Dead Parent: The father in the book was killed prior to the book.
  • Self-Harm: Self-harm is not part of the book, however, persons sensitive to it might find reading about the shero’s scaring as a result of her abuse uncomfortable or triggering.
  • Weight Discussion: At the beginning of the book, the shero is leaving a bad situation. In the book, some concern is shown about how much weight she has lost due to the stress she’s been living under. This is not a critique of her body, only a concern for her health.
  • Questionable Consent: One protagonist begins to perform oral on the other protagonist while they are still asleep. The intimacy proceeds after a verbal exchange.
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