Her Grumpy Stone Guardian

Her Grumpy Stone Guardian
Series: Dungeons & Gargoyles, Book 1
Tag: Paranormal


I'm hunting my best friend's killer. The police want me to believe an animal attacked and killed her. There must be  an epidemic of savage animals because I have found dozens of deaths neatly hidden away, all with the same signature. So when I get a tip it's happened again, I can't help myself. The truth is out there. I have to find it. But instead I meet him. The grumpyliscious lumbersexual holding down a barstool. He's the perfect distraction to make it through the nightmare hours. For once I don't dread the night. When I wake up and he's gone, I tell myself it's for the best. I wasn't staying anyway.


The only lead on my missing twin just turned up dead, and if I'm not careful, they're going to pin the murder on me. As a gargoyle I'm used to hiding what I am. Pretending to be a human to shake a shifter tail at a bar is routine. Picking up a girl is just part of the act. But Gwen is so delightfully raw and real that I forget the fact that I'm using her. When our paths cross the next day, I realize the fates are pulling us together, and Gwen isn't all that she appeared to be. She's hunting the same monster I am, only she thinks they're human.

Gwen asks the right question to the wrong monster and sets events in motion we cannot stop. The monster we've been hunting is now the one stalking us for sport, and televising it no less. I only hope that I can protect her. I'm smaller, slower, and weaker than other gargoyles, but I was born with the same drive to protect as they were. I'll get her out of this alive, or I'll die trying.

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About the Book

The following is a list of tropes, content advisories, and trigger warnings that apply to this title:

  • graphic sex
  • kidnapping
  • torture
  • grumpy / sunshine
  • forced proximity
  • creative tail usage
  • non-human gentiles

By continuing to read the break-down of trigger warnings you are accepting that there will be mild spoilers.

  • graphic sex – If you’ve read a Sidney Bristol book, this is more of the same. Anatomically correct terms are used as well as more common euphamisms.
  • kidnapping – This is done by an antagonistic force.
  • torture – This is more for book two, but the characters are put in distressing circumstances intentionally.
  • grumpy / sunshine
  • forced proximity – The hero and shero are kidnapped and kept together.
  • creative tail usage – During the one intimate encounter in the book the hero loses control and uses his tail to assist in pleasuring the shero.
  • non-human gentiles – The hero has some extra fun things, but that isn’t fully revealed until book two.
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