His Sunshine Mate

His Sunshine Mate
Series: Dungeons & Gargoyles, Book 2
Genre: Paranormal
Tags: Paranormal, Suspense

Fight for survival or die trying.


The only way I'll survive this carnivorous forest is with Kanza. It's time for the performance of my life. If I don't sell the defenseless damsel act I can't give Kanza the opening he needs. Without him I won't get out of here. Too bad he hates me with every fiber of his being, because he's starting to grow on me.


She's betrayed me. I should have seen this coming, but I was blinded. It makes sense. Why would she choose a runt of a monster like me when she could be saved by her own kind? If only she realized she is playing right into their trap. I'll save or, or I'll die trying. There is no other option for me.

Lies and deception come to the surface as Gwen and Kanza begin the fight of their life. If they're going to survive the dungeon, they'll have to take a step of faith and trust one another. Otherwise this encounter will be a critical failure.

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About the Book

The following is a list of tropes, content advisories, and trigger warnings that apply to this title:

  • graphic sex
  • kidnapping
  • torture
  • grumpy / sunshine
  • forced proximity
  • creative tail usage
  • non-human gentiles

By continuing to read the break-down of trigger warnings you are accepting that there will be mild spoilers.

  • graphic sex – If you’ve read a Sidney Bristol book, this is more of the same. Anatomically correct terms are used as well as more common euphemisms.
  • kidnapping – This is done by an antagonistic force.
  • torture – This is more for book two, but the characters are put in distressing circumstances intentionally.
  • grumpy / sunshine
  • forced proximity – The hero and shero are kidnapped and kept together.
  • creative tail usage – During the one intimate encounter in the book the hero loses control and uses his tail to assist in pleasuring the shero.
  • non-human gentiles – The hero has some extra fun things, but that isn’t fully revealed until book two.
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