The Gamer and the Geek

The Gamer and the Geek
Series: Gone Geek, Book 4
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Tag: Contemporary

Rashae Grant should be over the moon. Her life-long dream of creating original art for a board game is finally happening. Except the campaign manager, a sinfully sexy Irishman, can't seem to stand her. At every meeting she's talked over and her designs picked apart. What's the point of getting to work on her dream if she doesn't even recognize it anymore?

Declan Loveridge has staked everything on the success of this project, and if pulling it off means he has to breathe down Rashae's neck, he'll have to ignore the way she smiles, the twinkle in her eye and how she makes him laugh when he shouldn't. One ill-advised kiss turns into many, and soon the holiday nights are heating up from more than just the kettle.

Friends with benefits is the perfect solution to their problems. Disagreements are better solved between the sheets, but Declan has never been a man to settle, and Rashae doesn't know how to lead without her heart. While the lovers are busy creating a masterpiece, another kind of artist is out to take them for everything they've got. A scam turns into a scandal this holiday season in The Gamer and the Geek.

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