Pirates Suck

Dear Reader,

I’d imagine you like books as much as I do.  Reading is enjoyable.  I love flexing the imagination and looking for what could be.  I get excited about books and ideas and I want to share that.  But there are people out there sucking all the fun out of what I love.  It may sound like a great idea, getting books for free or almost nothing from another person, but it’s theft.  Plain and simple.

Last night on twitter someone tweeted about a book pirate selling a number of author’s works for pennies.  Scrolling through the available books I was sick by how many I recognized or knew.  Authors and readers alike banded together to report the person responsible to the necessary authorities.  The site is down and who knows about the culprit’s future?  Piracy is never a pleasant thing to talk about or experience.  It’s something I’m dreading happening to me.

Piracy isn’t a good thing for authors, the books you love or the future of this industry.  If you see someone selling books out of the trunk of their virtual car, let someone know.

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