Killer Heels

So today Suz and I ran to Kohls after our weekly writer’s thing.  I needed a tank top to coordinate with my outfit for Thursday and twisting Suz’s arm to go with me isn’t that difficult.  Anyways, I got some other stuff, including a pair of deeply discounted black, swing style heels.  These are awesome because I have a pair similar that I’ve had since early in college.  I’ve worn them to death and I really need to replace them.  They have a low heel, very comfortable and wearable over long periods of time.

These shoes aren’t very practical, but they’re freaking awesome!  I was surprised by how comfortable they were.  I went into the Spirit Halloween store today to see if they were carrying any new merchandise that would wow me this year.  I’ve seen these heels before and I’ve always kind of wanted them.  Since FenCon is coming up I thought they would be fun to wear there with my zombie shirt on Friday, which is a more casual day for me.

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