The Closet Cull

Dear Reader,

You might remember that I’m moving. I’ve mentioned it a time or two or ten. Anyways, in preparation for downgrading my closet size, I’m doing another closet cull. You have to understand that I have a huge closet and a love of shopping. Until these last two years I could still wear things from my first few years of college on. Now, I can’t, so I have a ton of clothing I can no longer wear, purses and bags that are worn out and shoes I’ll never wear again.

So I’m culling!

This last weekend I tackled my purses and shoes.

Here’s a shot of all of the purses except for two I found hanging out in the living room:

Culling the purses was mostly easy. There were a few hard choices, but this is what I culled:

Getting the purses under control was honestly easy. It was more of a warm up for doing the shoes. My heart really jumped into my throat thinking of doing this. There are a lot of shoes in my closet, I estimated maybe 50 pairs. Nope. 63. Yeah, 63 pairs of shoes! What does 63 pairs of shoes look like? Well, this:

To be fair, I’m missing like six pairs that are flip-flops or river shoes simply because they’re all getting tossed. Of these I kept roughly 38 pairs of shoes and got rid of 25. There are two pairs I’m keeping on a probationary period, both are swing style heels, one in red and one in brown. I don’t have any other red or brown shoes so they’re items I’ll need to replace.

So here’s what I’m getting rid of:

And here’s what I’m keeping:

I have a shoe holder thing from Target that holds about 25 pairs of shoes. I’m thinking I need another one, even though now I won’t be using all of the slots since I’ve culled, but we all know that I’ll fill it!

So I can now actually walk down the middle of my closet, which is a huge improvement, and I haven’t even gotten to the actual clothing!

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