Dear Reader,

I’ve moved. I’ve finally done it!

In short, I really like my new apartment. It’s bigger, more open than I’ve had before. And I have covered parking!

But with every good thing, there’s bad stuff too.

I downgraded from an apartment with four closets, to two. I lost my closet and linen "closets". Figuring out what to do has been it’s own adventure. I think having closets and spaces to put things really helps the moving process. I don’t remember having this much of an issue before moving. Solving this issue had admittedly been kind of fun.

Saturday I took a trip to Ikea to see if I couldn’t come up with some ideas. I had the idea of doing a china cabinet for some of my glassware and then a pantry. When I passed by the display of Billy bookcases with doors, I found a really awesome option. The black Billy bookcase paired with a glass door with an etching in it looks very similar to the pattern on some stemware glasses in the depression glass collection. I’m going to do a post about altering the bookcase like I did. So look for that, and there will be pictures!

The second thing is that there aren’t many lights in the apartment. I’ve rigged hanging lights, which has actually been a lot of fun, but at first the apartment was a little creepy looking in the evening. In my last apartment I rigged a hanging system of lights. I was hoping for a different solution because I’m not a fan of floor lamps, but I just added a different lantern and a few more lamps. I’m still working on this, to be honest, but it’s a good move and I’m really liking where it’s going.

I’m still living out of boxes. Getting through the apartment at times is like running a maze, but it’s well on it’s way to being a put together place. Granted, it will be a work in progress for a few months until I’m totally settled, but for now I’m really happy!


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