Day 15 #NaNoWriMo Snippet

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Today was a better writing day. I didn’t get the amount of words done I would have liked to, but I still did 2K! Tonight was my weekly write-in that I host in my apartment. I also finally got some crucial pieces of furniture put together, so I’m going to be saying goodbye to some more boxes, which is a huge relief. I am starting to lose sleep, so that’s not so great, but here’s hoping that the rest of the week continues to be better. For now, here’s a fun bit of what I wrote today.

“Kendra, the guy met you when you were stinky and sweaty. I don’t know if you’ve seen yourself, but you aren’t a hot pickle when you’re off the track. He knows you’re sporty. Sporty is comfortable. Sexy is not. Wear your converse, socks, that jean skirt I forced on you and that Hell’s Hussies tank top.”

“I’m going to freeze!”

“You asked for my opinion. Wear a jacket.” Amy pushed up from the couch and grabbed Kendra’s hand. “Come on. Let’s go get you slutted up.”

From Sex on Wheels, ’11 NaNoWriMo project

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