Day 3 #NaNoWriMo Snippet

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Writing today almost didn’t happen. My ereader bit the dust and packing took up most of my after work time, but I still cranked out 2,000 words. I can’t wait until I’ve moved and I can do real writing again! Anyways, here’s the end of my meet cute.

“Know anyplace around here to get some real food?” he asked.

“There’s a pancake house across the street. It’s the closest thing and one of the only places open this late. I usually grab food there after bouts.” With the plastic folded into a neat square, she took it from him, hugging it to her stomach.

“Sounds good. Mind if I join you?”

Everything around Kendra stopped. She could almost imagine she heard the squealing sound of the breaks on her brain screeching to a halt.

“Excuse me?” she managed to squeak out.

He quirked a brow at her. “Food. Grabbing something to eat after this.”

“What about,” she waved her hand at the handful of people left cleaning up the rink, “the people you’re with?” Surely they would want to go to the after party.

He shrugged. “I came by myself. I’m Blake, by the way.” He held out his hand.

Dumbly she looked at his hand and then back at his face before extending her hand. “Lotta Byte.” There were some saving graces about having her own roller derby name, it meant she didn’t have to tell strangers her real name. “Um, I guess so. I’m just going to eat and leave.”

“That’s fine by me. Eating alone gets old after a while.”

From Sex on Wheels, ’11 NaNoWriMo project

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