Day 5 #NaNoWriMo Snippet

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Ug. After packing up even more of my apartment yesterday, I didn’t much feel like writing. I’m surprised I wrote almost 3,000 words today after we finished moving everything except the big furniture from my old place to my new place. Anyways, here’s a fun bit of what I wrote tonight.

She sucked in a deep breath. “Why are you here, Blake? I’m flattered that you’re making an effort to talk to me, but men like you don’t pay attention to me.”

Blake leaned back into the flat cushion, his attention on Kendra. She’d leaned forward as she spoke. The aggressive posture would have surprised him before tonight. She didn’t squirm, despite being clearly uncomfortable with him, and she went for honesty rather than letting him drive the evening. She was so much more than she appeared to be.

“Do you give guys the chance to ask you out?” He didn’t think so.

Ducking her head, Kendra focused her attention on the table, or maybe her lap. “I’m shy. I’m too intellectual. Pick your reason. Usually men are looking to score tickets or one of the girl’s phone numbers. I can’t give away free tickets, and if you want someone’s phone number, you’ll have to ask them for it.”

She didn’t look up once. Like someone had flipped a switch, Kendra was now withdrawn and meek. Someone had really done a number on her confidence if she thought the only reason men talked to her was to score free shit. It pissed him off. Sure Kendra wasn’t the flashy kind of women men fanaticized about, unless they were him, but she was better than she thought herself.

Kendra glanced up at him, her hands on the bench and her shoulders hunched forward.

“Okay, I do want a phone number,” he said, playing into her misconceptions of guys like him.

Her lips compressed tightly though she didn’t look up at him.

“I want yours.” Let her choke on that.

From Sex on Wheels, ’11 NaNoWriMo project

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