Day 6 #NaNoWriMo Snippet

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Today was yet more unpacking, the movers came and we cleaned up the old apartment. Despite being a super long day, I also managed to write a good deal. So here’s a little girl talk from tonight’s writings.

“So I met someone last night,” Kendra blurted. There wasn’t an easy way to segue way into the subject.

Goldie sat upright, staring at her with wide eyes. Mom merely leaned forward, her elbow on her crossed legs. Kendra had succeeded in getting their undivided attention, and now she wasn’t sure she wanted it.

“You can’t say that and then not give us details,” Mom said with a snicker.

Goldie punched Kendra in the thigh. “How could you not tell me?” she yelled, hangover forgotten. “I have to live vicariously through you. I want to know what happened.”

Kendra rubbed her throbbing leg. “That was unnecessary.”

From Sex on Wheels, ’11 NaNoWriMo project

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