Six Sentence Sunday: So Inked

This is another excerpt from my first So Inked book, for the Ellora’s Cave anthology call. It was titled Homeward Bound, but I don’t think it’s a good fit. There happens to be a family friendly movie by the same title I’ve never seen before. That, and "bound" is a very popular word for a title. This is disappointing, since I seem to like using it.

Anyways! This week you’re getting a little bonus sentence or two, so don’t burn me at the stake, okay? Preceding this bit, Pandora is fighting down a case of the nerves when she’s verbally assaulted by the antagonist, who also happens to be an old flame. Sadly, they do not get along, and he is not a nice person. It is worth noting that her coworkers, Mary, Kellie and Autumn are there as well and tattooing. The setting is a crowded convention hall.

“Fuck you, Rob.”

“You already did.” He winked at her and strode off through the crowd.

Taking a deep breath, she released her death grip on Kellie’s chair, not sure when she’d grabbed it in the first place. She would never go back to being Robert’s shop bitch. It was a promise she’d made herself.

“Dude, you’ve got balls,” Kellie said as she wiped off the section of the tattoo she was working on.

“Clang, clang.” Mary saluted her with her tattoo machine and bent back to work.

So, that’s my share this week. Hip deep in edits! Wish me luck.

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