Bouncing Back!

Dear Reader,

We’re leaving the sick season, thank god! A week and a half ago on a Friday I went home from work not feeling so hot. I don’t usually leave work for being sick. I live all of three miles from work, and on top of that I spend a large chunk of my time in the office by myself. That said, this month I have so much to do, I decided to bite the bullet and go home.

It was a good thing I did! I wound up with a very high temperature and coughing. This only got worse. Over the last week and a half I’ve coughed so hard I strained muscles in my lower abs. I have slept through only a few nights without waking up in massive coughing fits. But! I think I can finally say that I am well.

Somehow I’m not as far behind as I thought I would be. I fully anticipated after that first miserable night I would be scrambling. But! I’m actually ahead of where I want to be, so that’s really awesome. I can’t say a whole lot, but I have one project under contract, one on submission and one about to be sent to my editor. There’s a lot happening, and I’m excited. I knew that 2012 was going to be a big year for me, and I’ve been pushing myself a lot.

As much as I keep telling myself I should take a break, I don’t see it happening. But, I won’t be operating under such tight deadlines as I’ve been doing the tango with lately. There’s so much I’m excited about writing, and working on, and looking forward to!

It’s good to be busy, I guess!

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