Thursday Thirteen: Twitter I Do’s

So a few weeks ago I went off the handle about what makes me click the unfollow button on Twitter. I thought I’d look at the reverse side of the coin this week and talk about things you should do. Some of these are writer specific, but I’m going to try to touch on stuff that’s universal.

  1. Tweet – Tweet often, tweet rarely, but tweet. If you’re going to set up a twitter account, you should update it. I would suggest a few times a day, but that’s too much for some people. That’s okay. Just tweet.
  2. Retweet – Because we’re writers, you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours goes a long way. If you see a friend with a book announcement or a giveaway or just saying something witty, retweet them.
  3. Amplification – I use Triberr, but I use it sparingly. It’s a site where you join and tweet other’s blogs, and in return they tweet yours. Now, there are some people who tweet something every ten minutes. That’s annoying. Be smart about how much blind promo and retweeting you do, but use it.
  4. Follow Back – Follow people who are interesting, not just other writers or editors. Some of those might be your readers, and they’re interesting.
  5. Converse – I follow a lot of people, and I talk to the bulk of them. Don’t be a silent follower! Comment on random stuff other’s say!
  6. Bio – Keep your twitter bio up to date!
  7. Website – Make sure you have a website that points to your author site, Facebook or someplace where people can find out more about you.
  8. Avatar – Have an avatar of you. Sure, when you get a new book, or when you’ve just released one make it your avatar, but people are connecting with you. Use a picture of you! It makes it more personal.
  9. Hashtags – These are a fun way to connect with others with a similar interest, who are watching the same show or participate in a certain activity.
  10. DMs – Check them. I’m one of the worst ones about looking at them.
  11. Reply – If someone, a real person, tweets at you, reply! It’s a chance to connect with another person.
  12. Analytics – There are programs out there that show you who you’re following, if they’re following you and who has unfollowed you. I use this to trim down people I’m not interested in anymore, or people who are no longer active.
  13. Have Fun! That’s what it’s all about.

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