Lucky Seven and The Harder He Falls

My lovely friend Karen Booth, who was a guest here last week talking about her new book Long-Distance Lovers, challenged me yesterday. The whole idea of this Lucky Seven challenge is that you go to your latest WIP, or Work in Progress. Scroll to page 77 and find the 7th line on the page. Copy the next 7 lines, and share them.

I’m going to admit right here that I’m cheating. My current WIP, The Harder He Falls (a follow up to Under His Skin, which is out on submission rightnow!) doesn’t have 77 pages. So, I went to the 7th page, I seriously just started this book days ago! And followed the rules from there.

Now, I should explain what’s going on, because this snippet doesn’t make sense otherwise. Pandora is the heroine from Under His Skin. Admitting she loved her man, Brian, was a big roadblock in their relationship. She’s still not comfortable with a lot of public affection, but after a near death experience she’s sticking to her guns to say the "three dreaded words" to Brian every chance she gets. Her coworkers at the tattoo shop, So Inked, are of course thrilled with the many opportunities this gives them to hassle her. The Harder He Falls is Kellie’s story. Of the four girls, she’s the one that leads them. It’s a heavy burden, but she’s a strong girl.

“So, what else needs to be done?” Pandora rubbed her hands on her jeans and glanced at the walls.

“Paaaannddyy, I love you,” Autumn cooed.

Pandora scowled and jabbed a finger in Autumn’s direction. “You, shut it.”

Kellie glanced at Mary, glad to see some of the lines that had bracketed her mouth were gone. Tilting her head back, Kellie allowed herself a laugh listening to Autumn’s teasing.

Things were looking up.

And that’s my seven lines.

Now I get to pick on Seven Lucky People! My Seven are…

  • Suzan Butler
  • Anthony Cardno
  • Jessica Fox
  • Jodie Becker
  • Rebekah James
  • Lanie Jordan
  • Voirey Linger


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