Busy Weeks Ahead

Dear Reader,

This last week has been a little thin on posts. I really should have exercised a bit more forethought and come up with posts last week, but I didn’t. Between the cats, writing and getting ready for my mother’s cycling race, it slipped through the cracks.

Mom’s race was fantastic. She won her age division with something like 360 miles in 24 hours. On a bicycle. Impressed? I always am. The event as a whole is exhausting, and I don’t love doing them, but I love that my mom is that much of a bad ass. I couldn’t do what she does.

On Monday I started a Jenny Craig diet. The goal is to get down to a healthy weight, which means losing about 40-50 pounds. On my own this has been really tough, but my ‘coach’ seems to think it won’t be a big deal at all. The food’s not all that bad. I’ve liked most of what I’ve eaten so far.

I received some hefty edits for Personal Adventures at the end of the week, just before I hit the road for the race, and I’m hard at work on them. My editor is amazing, and this story will rock because of her.

The cats are adorable, and really clingy after I was away for a few days. They have not stopped barfing on the carpet.

You can still enter for a chance to win a copy of Flirting with Rescue from Nikki’s blog.

I will probably continue to be a little blog silent for the duration of my Personal Adventure edits. Other than that, everything’s great. How’s it going with everyone else?