Flirty Fridays: You’re just like everyone else.

So my friend Suzan and I have decided that Fridays are going to be about our online dating communications. Be prepared for a little snark, a lot of sarcasm and no exposing of identities.

I’m going to prerequisite this week’s installment by saying that I might have taken more offense than others, so, yeah.

The first three sentences are great. Honestly, he should have stopped there, and I could easily have been swayed into contacting this dude… and then he keeps talking.

I think that fourth sentence made me see red.

The profile seems like everyone else on here.

Um, really? Let’s recap. This is an online, dating, website. Where people are actively seeking to make a connection, be that for the moment, a few weeks or months, or the rest of their lives. We’re all openly seeking a connection.

If my profile seems like everyone elses, well it’s probably because I’m open about the fact that I’m looking for a relationship, and I want to be upfront and honest about it.

While I understand his comment about not having a ton of books, authors, artists and bands that I like, is a message to me about your critiques really the place to discuss this? It’s really petty to me, and only serves to lower my opinion of this dude.

The closing lines just cinch my dislike. Hey, we’re average Americans that eat the goop every other person under the sun must eat. After all, individuality is dead and we’re all cardboard cut outs. Yes.

And I bet he likes his alone time. I would hazard a guess that he spends a lot of time with himself since he clearly lacks social graces.

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