Guest Post: Panty Raid and Cerise DeLand

Today I have fellow Ellora’s Cave author, Cerise DeLand, here to celebrate her new book! Coincidentally we shared the same release date. Be sure to check out her book, Rope Me In, available from Ellora’s Cave. It will be up on all major sites soon! Today, Cerise is here to chat about the book, and super sexy lingerie...

PANTY RAID for ROPE ME IN by Cerise DeLand

What’s in your panty drawer?

Anything new? Daring? Yummy? Edible?(Hmm, yes, panties are now eco-friendly, and one brand even says, EAT ME!)

I adore great lingerie.

Today, I wanted to share with you a peek at where my research has sent me for a new series, titled KNIGHTS IN BLACK LEATHER for Ellora’s Cave. (Check it out here)

In ROPE ME IN, the first in the series, my heroine, Cara Ford, is about to open a new shop in a tiny Texas town where the men are good and plenty~and the women wear only smiles. Cara wants to spice up the sedate little clothing store on Main Street where her auntie has presided over the women’s fashion for more than fifty years. Auntie Bree has a few outdated ideas about what the females in this town should have.

Cara Ford has a few modern ones!

Here, so that you can “shop” with Cara (and empty your wallet!) are a few of the great websites and blogs: sex toys–fingerballs/smartballs

I started buying great (let that read, daring and expensive) lingerie more than 10 years ago. It goes a long way to interest your lover!

Some of these are very pricey~into the thousands! And you can see why.

But nothing says luvin’ like something from a French shop or two.

What’s in your closet? Got any item that your significant other just drools over?

Tell us!


One thought on “Guest Post: Panty Raid and Cerise DeLand

  1. Fedora says:

    How fun, Cerise! I know DH appreciates when I take the time to dress up a little, but I think the hardest part is getting my mind in the mood! I definitely don’t own anything super pricy, but I think in this case, it’s mainly the effort that counts ;p

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