Personal Adventures is out in the wild today!

Hello Dear Readers!!

I’m very excited about today. It’s the release day for my contemporary romance novella, Personal Adventures.

Yes, all of my books are "special" but this one got some help from very awesome people in my life. In college a friend of mine and I discussed her heritage, being from the Navajo Nation and a child of both Indian and caucasian descent. Those conversations are what inspired me to write the heroine in Personal Adventures. There’s a lot about Elise that I made up, but she wouldn’t have happened without that very close friend of mine.

My critique partners and editor really made this book shine! It’s much better than it was when I first wrote it, and it’s all because of them.

Today you can purchase it at Ellora’s Cave. It will be up at all retailers in a few days, so if you have a Kindle or Nook device, you will be able to purchase it directly soon. Check out all of the information on the book page.

Carey’s had the hots for his best friend and outdoor adventures coworker Elise for two years, but the timing has never been right. Now they’re both single, and Carey wants to entice her into an adventure for just the two of them. In the bedroom, in the hot tub, under the beautiful Colorado sky…

Elise doesn’t buy into the idea of love, but lust she understands. Carey’s friendship is important, but a relationship doesn’t fit into Elise’s five-year plan. She isn’t looking to repeat her parents’ mistakes.

With secrets coming out from under every rock and desire unchecked, this adventure might make more than the water on their rafting trips rush.


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