Six Sentence Sunday: Under His Skin

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 Welcome back to Six sentence Sunday! Last week I wrapped up sharing bits from my recently released book, Personal Adventures. Today I’m going to begin sharing bits from my July release, Under His Skin. This book is part of the Ellora’s Cave Pricked series, and is the first book in what I hope will be a really cool series all about a team of tattoo artists. Check back for more information about the book and the rest of the series!

I’m also going to be throwing in pictures of super hot, tattooed dudes just because. Today’s picture was part of the inspiration for the hero of the book. Sadly you won’t see much of him for a few weeks, but here’s an idea of what you’re in store for…

This share is the first six lines of the book…

The smell hit her first, that unique aroma of ointment, grease, green soap and the human element. Pandora’s nerves settled at last. Nirvana was close at hand.

She clenched the strap slung over her shoulder and pushed the heavy oak door open. The hotel was a riot of people, music and cries of pain. The hum of tattoo machines beat a steady background to the general din of the attendees.

And that’s the share this week.

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