The Conference Wardrobe

Since there was some interest about my clothes prior the conference, I thought — why not do a fun blog about my conference wardrobe?

Let me first say that it still really amuses me to dress up. As a kid/teen I really disliked dressing up and my wardrobe was mostly jeans and stuff. Granted, I still had a sort of grungy/punk style, but I did not go to the extent of dressing up I do now. I can attribute a lot of my fashion sense to my college days when I started having to dress professionally, and discovered stylistic clothing that made me look how I felt. My style of dress is not for everyone. Hell, dressing up isn’t for everyone!!

This is a classic black, white and red outfit. I’ve been shopping around for a good black polkadot dress, trying to figure out which one was perfect for me. For me, pokadots are my favorites, and a good black and white dress is a staple item. What I love about this design from Heartbreaker are the varying sizes of the bubble dots. It gives a really cool optical illusion. Initially I’d wanted to do a bright blue pop of color with a belt and accessories, but aparently blue is the one color not "on trend" and I couldn’t find anything that I really liked, so I stuck with some red accessories I already had. The clutch was a sale item from NY & Co, the hair piece something I bought last year, the belt was from another outfit I bought and the bracelet came in a set I hardly wear. Now the necklace was a recent Sam Moon find. I was looking for something to fit this outfit better and happened alont that. I’m tempted to cut off one of the double strands of red beads, but I’m scared to. It’s big and chunky, which is fun, but it almost feels like I’m being strangled. The shoes are a Kohls sale item, super comfy and cute black wedges. I’m still on the hunt for a killer pair of red heels that don’t kill my feet!

 It really surprised me that I bought this dress. You can’t tell from the picture, but it’s a chocolate brown fabric with white and pink floral designs on it. Anything brown usually sends me running in the oposite direction, but I wound up really liking this dress! It’s another Heartbreaker design, so it’s a halter top with a sweetheart neckline and half circle skirt. I was super excited my old Madden Girl brown swing heels matched this almost perfectly, down to the dark pink piping on the shoes. I have a white hair flower made out of feathers I might wear with this one, but I might not. The necklace is a little overpowering. It’s that huge, chunky pink thing with matching earrings. It’s pretty awesome and blingy, but it’s a lot going on between the pattern and the bling and me. Not pictured is a slim white belt I’ve been wearing with it that cinches in the waist just a bit more and really makes it look finished.

 This is a back-up outfit I might not wear. I say that because I wear this all the time, so though it’s a great outfit it doesn’t quite have the super special appeal of some of the other dresses I’ve bought specifically for conference wear. The dress is a sale item dress from Target. It’s a super fun asymetrical skirt, meaning the front hits about knee level and the back is down closer to my ankles. I pair it with a wide, white woven belt that sits at my natural waist. There’s elastic in the dress there, but it doesn’t really cinch it in, so the belt adds that waist and gives the dress a little more shape. I’m taking silver flats to go with it, though I often wear it with white pump sandals. As far as jewlery I have a great mother of pearl and abalone necklace that I love with it, as well as silver bangles and earrings. This is one of those easy to wear things that both makes you look and feel great, so it’s a no brainer to at least bring it with me as a spare.

This is my back up party outfit. When I bought this dress I thought the model on the website must have had fake boobs. Then I put it on… This is like, the boob enhancing dress. Think your tatas are small? Wear this! They’re huge! It’s an adorable, very 1950’s housewife kind of dress. Capped sleeves, sweetheart neckline and half-circle skirt with a matching belt. It’s very pretty, very flattering. I bought the jewelry on Etsy from a person in the UK. It’s little red flowers with teal/jade beads. I had intended to wear the teal wedges with this, but then Saturday happened and the shoes busted. I’m not sure what to pair them with. My Dexter Morgan’s Girlfriend blood-splatter shoes? The Iron Fist skully shoes? I also just bought another pair of teal heels to replace the wedges so that’s another option. I’m not sure!! I also might twist my friend’s arm into wearing this one.

This was my first "conference dress" purchase and it’s still my favorite. It’s no secret that blue is my favorite color, and I really like polkadots. Um, can you see my website? Do you see anything similar? Have you seen my twitter avatar? Look familiar? This was purchased at, it’s a simple, adjustable strap dress with a half circle skirt. What’s funny is that the white belt I use with the brown outfit above, for example, came with this dress and I don’t wear it with it. Ever. The waist on the dress falls just below the natural waist and the belt doesn’t sit well on it and ends up looking wonky, so I leave it off. The jewlery this time around is a sparkly skull and crossbones with single drop earrings. I’m going to bring a multi-strand of pearls as a secondarly option to go with this, but I really dig this skull for some reason. I’m not usually a skull fan, so it’s weird! The shoes are new, a $20 purchase at Payless and OMG! These shoes have like, memory foam in them or something. They might be plain, but holy crap they’re comfy! I will be wearing this dress, probably the first day so I look like my avatar, which was a big concern for a lot of people.

You know what? I might have a polkadot problem… Is there a twelve step class for this type of thing?

This is what I call my "dot matrix" dress. It’s another Heartbreaker design, halter top, sweetheart neckline, half-circle skirt. I love the varying shades of the dots on the dress. The colors go from a mustard yellow color, to light blue to teal. The teal wedges were really bought to match this outfit and their demise was heartbreaking for me. I spent most of that Saturday searching for these new teal heels. They’re a designer brand made for Payless, so really affordable, super comfy and a great color. The jewlery was all purchased independantly and combined, though the necklace and earrings came from Sam Moon. Sometimes I wonder if these are too overpowering for the outfit, but I really like all the elements together, so lets pretend it works, kay? I also put the white belt with this for a little added finishing touch.

This is an outfit I’m taking for a friend of mine. Currently this is my goal dress for my Jenny Craig program. What is a goal dress and why do I have one?

Well I purchased this dress online from a company in the UK. I didn’t do the sizing just right so I bought it too small. I can wear it, but sitting is uncomfortable from how much it squeezes the boobs in. It’s my goal dress in that someday I will be able to wear this comfortably. My current goal is to be able to wear it to RomantiCon. For now, I’ll settle for shoving my friends into it at least! It’s a really pretty dress, with red satin straps and belt and a fun cherry and cherry blossom pattern on a cream background. There are a lot of cherry print dresses out there, and I waffled a long time on which one to buy. I really like this one! The earrings I bought seperately and are red and green rhinestone dangly earrings. It’s a super fun outfit. I usually pair it with some red heels and a red clutch.

This is another spare outfit – AND – a great Target sale rack find. I actually bought this one this last weekend while hunting out new shoes. I had to buy it up a size from what really fit so that the cups didn’t sit oddly. It’s a great little find, with a mock-bustier top and stretchy, gathered back. It is a really boobyliscious dress, so if you have something up top, you’ll have to be comfortable with a little cleavage. The skirt isn’t really a full skirt, but there’s enough volume that it stands out. The straps are hot pink, so it’s a great dress to wear an on-trend pink lipstick with, for example. The bands of color are actually down at the bottom of the dress. Most of it is the navy and white pattern. One thing I really love about this is that it has pockets!! Again, I pair it with a white belt to add a little more definition in there, and paired it with these old shoes I have. I bought the shoes like, four years ago. They’re bright colors and almost match the hues on the dress perfectly. I do wonder if they’re too much color, so I also have a pair of navy flats I can wear it with. I’ve been accessorizing with my mini-tattoo machine necklace for a funky addition.

I’m wrapping this post up with my party dress for the masquerade party. I’m not wearing an actual mask, or even really dressing up for the event. I didn’t want to wear a costume and finding a mask I liked was a lot of fail, so why not just go as me with my writing tiara? The dress is the fanciest one I’ve bought yet. It’s a really pretty, dark blue shimmery material. I didn’t expect it to turn out that shiny in the picture, so awesome! It’s another Heartbreaker halter, sweetheart neckline and half circle skirt design. I have yet to wear it anywhere, so I’m very excited to get to finally! I’m pairing it with a super blingy necklace and three drop earrings. I believe the necklace is from Charming Charlie’s sale rack, and the earrings from Sam Moon. The shoes are from the Naughty Monkey 09 or 08 collection. They’re my most expensive heels, but also very comfy and fun. I’m going to be very sparkly!

So those are my wardrobe highlights from the trip. I’m writing this before we leave, so apologies! Check my Facebook for pictures from the conference.

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