Guest Blog: Keri Ford and the Roughnecks

Big thanks to Sidney Bristol for having me here today! As I’m writing this blog post (or thinking about what to write), I’m getting the evil eye from the husband waiting for me so we can watch Iron Man 2.

Kind of got me to thinking about Robert Downey Jr. and the appeal we have for him as Iron Man. In the first movie, he’s a complete playboy. And we love him for it. Love the way he talks, the looks. All of it. Then of course saving the day. (Swoon!)

Or maybe that’s just me.

But it’s that whole appeal. The unattainable man. I know I can’t be the only one who looked up Prince Harry this past week. In a lot of ways, the hero from my latest book is all unattainable man too. Love ’em and Leave ’em with a smile, he’ll say!

If I could bottle that unattainable part of a man and sell it, I would. So let’s say we’re going to do this. What ingredients would we need? Sugar, spice and everything nice for the girls. No way here. And definitely no bugs and tails and snails or whatever.

Arrogance. (and why do we like this? But we doooo.)

Confidence. (not the same as arrogance to me. I think one can be confident without arrogant)

Handsome. (duh)

Smells Nice. (we women. We’re suckers for good smell. And even seeing him in that metal suit we still see a guy who probably smells awesome and logically…you know it can’t be true!)

Tell me what you think should be in our Unattainable Man Bottle and you’ll be entered to win a copy of the first book in The Roughnecks Series, Rough Ride.


Rough Play, second in The Roughnecks Series, is now available!

Jacob Iverson has plans. Distant plans, but they do exist. Find the right woman, eventually settle down and do the whole “white picket fence” routine. But until eventually comes, he’s having fun with right now. Then he meets Flora, who blows him back a step. Or two. Suddenly his distant plans are rushing up to meet him…only not quite the way he imagined.

Abandoned at seventeen, Flora Simms has made her way through the world, found life and family in the form of two best friends. Everything is just the way she likes it. From life to love to relationships, she knows what she wants, how she wants it, and doesn’t care if anyone agrees or not. And what she doesn’t want is someone trying to tie her down with long-term plans. But Jacob Iverson brings images of the future to her mind, and heart. Jacob somehow knows what she needs and he’s hitting all the right spots. But can Flora give up her idea of independence to let him in?

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7 thoughts on “Guest Blog: Keri Ford and the Roughnecks

  1. Madison says:

    The unattainable man potion. Hmmmm… it definitely needs a little spark, a sense of daring. He knows what he wants and will go for it. Yup, that and a killer smile. Nothing like an unrepentant grin to make a girl go weak at the knees.
    Madison recently posted..Burning Up or Burning OutMy Profile

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