Sharks in Space and chatting.


This last weekend I did the final content edits for Kiss for a Cure, my Holiday science-fiction romance coming out from Lyrical Press. I got really excited about this and a little bummed I can’t use this funny shark graphic I found online.

Then it hit me — why not make my own graphics?

So I did!

This was a lot of fun to do. Sure, I could probably have made better color choices fro the text, it fades into the background a little, but it’s a freaking shark in space about to eat your face off!

I was having a fun back and forth with my friend Sophia on twitter about the graphic and I had a brilliant flash of awesomeness — Chompmass Graphic Cards!

No idea what I’m talking about, right?

Since Kiss for a Cure is ultimately a Christmas romance, I’m going to do the Twelve Days of Chompmas leading up to the release of the book. I’m going to make some Christmas and shark in space themed card graphics which I’ll post on the blog, Facebook and Twitter. Okay, so all of this is really far away, but still, I’m excited about it, and really jonesing for some sharks in space.

That is all! Carry on with your day.

One thought on “Sharks in Space and chatting.

  1. Carolyn says:

    Oh you brilliant thing you… that is a wonderful idea! LOL!….

    I still say Sharks in Space should be the title, but I love how you are using the sharks. 🙂

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