Coming Soon: Collar Me in Paris

I can say it!

I got the news last week that Ellora’s Cave wants the follow up to my first BDSM book, Bound with Pearls. The second book is called Collar Me in Paris, and features the hero from Bound with Pearl‘s best friends. Confused yet? Basically Collar Me in Paris is the second book in this loose series I’m starting. It’s going to be loads of fun and my lips are zipped about where it’s going!

Collar Me in Paris was in many ways a hard book to write. I’ve always really enjoyed male Dom and female sub books. If I was going to write about Bianca and Clay from Bound with Pearls, I had to learn how to write the female Dominant and an alpha male sub. I won’t spoil the book, but it was a learning experience, one I’ve fallen in love with and am already itching to write another female Dominant again.

Also? Collar Me in Paris will be part of the Ball and Chain themed call from Ellora’s Cave, featuring married couples. I’ll leave it at that for now.

Thanks to everyone who read this book for me, Suzan, Lea, Jennifer, Gillian, you guys gave me the confidence to actually send this to my editor. Crystal, thanks for the encouragement, I don’t even think you know how much that helped. To Joey W. Hill, who wrote Natural Law and the first book with a female Dominant that made me want to be her, thank you. To all of Team Awesome, Suzan, Carolyn, Alice, Linda, Rebekah, Jessica, Lea and Sophia, you guys and your encouragement mean the world to me, thank you for talking me off the ledge. Thanks to all of the WriteChat group and my fellow Divas who have encouraged me and shown so much interest in helping and just listening to me whine at times.

Lastly, my editor rocks. The team at Ellora’s Cave rocks. Thanks for making this whole experience exciting each and every time.

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