Health, and all that goes with it.

Hello lovely people!

I’ve been a bad blogger lately. I knew October would be a rough month before it ever began, so nothing is new there. The second weekend of October was the Ellora’s Cave Romanticon conference, which I need to do a recap post of, but haven’t. I’ve been tired. This last week has been a mix of classes, work and deadlines.

But there are good things.

I feel good *duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh*

Somehow I managed to lose two whole pounds while at conference. I don’t lose that much in a week. I’ve been a steady one pound a week type girl, so this unexpected change was welcome. I’d actually like to develop that two pound a week habit. It would make the next forty pounds go so much faster if that were the case.

For those who know, I’ve had some health issues in the last month centering around what we now know to be my gallbladder. Knowing what has been causing the pain makes it less scary, but not necessarily better. There is, after all, only one real solution to this and that is surgery. I can do some work on it with my diet, which means low fat, no grease.

I think some of my weight loss from the conference is due to this. I couldn’t eat at the hotel because the food was too greasy. My two attempts to eat there resulted in a little attack, so I wound up going elsewhere for food more suited to my diet.

As far as the whole living with it, that’s up for debate. I’m to the point where I ignore the constant, dull pain. And it is constant. I can’t lay on my right side, for example. Some foods set off worse pain. Thankfully I haven’t had a really bad episode. I still feel good. I’m having moments where I look at myself and I don’t hate how I look.

This has gone off track. I meant to write a paragraph, maybe two, about my weight loss and health and now I’ve gone on and on.

Thanks to everyone who has wished me well and encouraged  me. It’s meant a lot to know there are so many who support me. I’m by no means the only one with issues, these are just what’s going on at this point in my life.

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