Coming Soon, more So Inked!

Hello my Dear Readers!

underhisskin_50Today I get to share some very exciting news I’ve been sitting on. For those who are fans of Under His Skin and are looking forward to The Harder He Falls, you’ll be excited for this.


I’ve signed contracts for the remaining three books in what is now officially the So Inked series! It’s fantastic to be able to say this out loud. I never anticipated last year when I wrote Under His Skin that it would spawn five books and so many great memories.

The titles for the series are as follows:

Book 1: Under His Skin

Book 2: The Harder He Falls

Book 3: His Marriage Bargain

Book 4: More than He can Handle

Book 5: His Little Fighter

theharderhefalls_50There’s so much work to be done, research to do and words to write, but for today I’m going to just allow myself to be excited.

As you know, The Harder He Falls is in production now. I’ll begin writing So Inked 3, His Marriage Bargain, very soon. Hopefully by the end of the month words are on paper. After that, we’ll have to see how the time-table pans out. I won’t make promises right now when to expect the books, but they will happen. I have lots of plans for these girls!

Those of you who are fans are probably counting up the books and thinking, “But there are only four tattoo artists, right?”


I made the decision after finishing Under His Skin that Carly would continue to be a big part of the So Inked world. Such a big part that I want to write a book focusing on her and how her life has been changed by the shop and where she’s going. Anything other than that is a spoiler, so I’ll zip my lips and pass around the virtual cake in celebration of So Inked.

Sidney Sig

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