Hot Tango has a cover AND book trailer!

Good Guys Wear BlackI’m very excited about one more detail of my upcoming series, Good Guys Wear Black, becoming real! The first book, Hot Tango, has a cover! Yes!

I swear, new covers are like Christmas morning.

Now, you might have missed my news about the new series, so here’s the rough, series blurb about the upcoming trilogy of books from Ellora’s Cave:

Not all heroes wear capes or a white hat. Sometimes, they wear black and carry assault rifles. For the members of Metro Cityโ€™s elite S.W.A.T. division, lust and the call of duty are the way of life. Addicted to adrenaline, the men and women these officers fall for have to be ready for everything, even facing down the worst the city has to offer in the name of love.

So now, the cover…


I know it’s early in the whole process. I haven’t even received edits, much less an official blurb yet, but here’s the book trailer! It’ll give you a bit of a taste for what’s to come from this book.

Sidney Sig

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