Brain sludge.

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#ROW80 is A Round of Words in 80 Days. It’s a quarterly writing challenge where you define your personal goals and blog each week about your progress. It’s made to be flexible and allow for tweaking.

Another week, a lot more progress, but I’m afraid it’s left me a little brain dead.

I’ve had one of those weeks that completely change your plan and the structure of everything I’m doing. And that’s okay.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a plotter or pantser, we all have to embrace a certain level of flexibility. Be that changes in a book, a publishing date, marketing plan or whatever. I realize that my flexibility has declined the more I write. I have a structured plan, a path I have my feet on and nothing anyone can do will budge me from it. I spent a good deal of my week flailing because a publisher wants a book before I was ready to produce it, and I essentially have to flip-flop projects.

What I’m realizing is that it’s as much about my ability to jump tracks as it is my friend’s ability to talk me down off the ledge. I’m incredibly lucky that I am surrounded by positive people who support my writing and what I do. Not everyone has the support structure I have, so I really appreciate everyone who smacks some sense into me or holds my hand.

holidayspicesmallAnd my brain is mush this week, so I’m saying thank you to my support structure, and good night.

So where am I at with this #ROW80?

  • Holiday Spice is out now on Amazon and going live on other retail sites soon. Hopefully.
  • I’ve been making steady progress on writing Line of Duty, Good Guys Wear Black #2. I think I’ve written around 8,000 words in the last seven days. Not a huge number, but it’s solid progress. I’m entering the last stretch of the book. Still a little worried about the word count and overall heat of the book, but I can work on that in edits.
  • My editor sent me first round edits for Hot Tango, Good Guys Wear Black #1. There’s going to need to be some hefty work here and there, but it’s looking good.
  • Duty Bound, Bayou Bound #2 is going to have to go on the back burner because of flip-flopping projects.
  • The Flip-Flop Project I can’t talk about, which makes this whole week more crazy. I’ve made more progress each day than I thought I would, so I’m good. Just worried about getting it done in time!
  • The Midnight Ink release is days away. I have two more blogs to write, today hopefully, and then I start in doing more promo for the next release.
  • Did a cover reveal for How Zombies stole Christmas last week. Next up is doing all the promo for it.

Alright people, go write or read something!

Sidney Sig

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