A week of progress.

#ROW80 is A Round of Words in 80 Days. It’s a quarterly writing challenge where you define your personal goals and blog each week about your progress. It’s made to be flexible and allow for tweaking.

It’s crazy how totally awesome my progress was this last week–then how derailed it’s been the last few days! Okay, so 1) I’ve been frozen in for the last five days and Monday was the first time I could get out of my apartment. 2) It’s the holiday season and family takes priority.

LovesweptAll this said, Yesterday I got to announce what Project Paper Bag really is. Project Paper Bag is the book I was approached to write for Random House’s line, Loveswept. The book is called Committed, and it shall be awesome.

I also got to do the cover art request form for So Inked #3, His Marriage Bargain, this last week.

It’s made for a very exciting couple of days. 🙂

So where do I stand with my projects?

Line of Duty is back to me, so this weekend I will get it into submission shape and sent off. I can pretty much scratch those two lines off altogether. And that’s an awesome feeling.

Committed is going to eat up my focus for the remainder of the week. I’m about halfway through editing the book. We’ll see how this goes! It’s a big book.

How’s everyone else doing with juggling the holidays and writing?

Sidney Sig

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