Super Seekrit Project Announced!!!!!!

Dear Reader,

If you’ve been following my progress posts here, or seen me chatting on Facebook or Twitter, chances are you’ve heard me talk about my Super Seekrit Project, or as I’ve titled it so far, Project Paper Bag. Well, today I get to tell you all about it.

Are you ready?


LovesweptI’ve signed a contract with Random House-Loveswept to do a kinky suspense number titled Drug of Desire: Committed. I’m still reeling. It’s crazy and awesome and this has not happened in any normal kind of way. I’ve been sitting on this news for months now, working away on Committed like a fiend, and it feels really good to talk about it.

Committed is the first title in what I hope will be a trilogy of books featuring Special Agents, their kinky lifestyle and those special souls who steal their hearts. This will be in the vein of Bayou Bound: Picture Her Bound, which released in the Midnight Ink boxed set. Fans of that series will love this one.

This whole thing wouldn’t have happened without Stacey Kennedy, Lea Griffith, Eden Bradley and R.G. Alexander holding my hand. Big thanks to them for being there with me through this whole process. They put up with emails at 2 a.m. and panicked phone calls.

I cannot wait to share Committed with you guys. I’m so excited, I can’t hardly stand it.

What’s even better about this whole experience is that I’m getting to do it with a friend of mine. Lea Griffith has her own story, check it out on her blog today!

Sidney Sig

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