What events am I attending in 2014?

Dear Reader,

There’s been a lot of events announced in 2014 and in the excitement it seems as though there’s been some confusion about what I’m attending.

I wish I could attend all the conferences and see everyone! The reality is that with the day job I can only take off so many days a year, which limits me to doing one traveling conference a year.

aad2014square-3Currently my only confirmed convention is Author’s After Dark in Charlotte, August 6th-10th. I am a featured author, and I plan to be a very active participant. Very excited about this conference! I’ve already begun shopping for my gown for the ball. It’s going to be crazy.

Other events are still up in the air and I cannot commit to them. I wish I could, but the reality is that things are going to be very crazy in 2014. I still might be able to swing a few things, but I am not committing to anything else at this point. 2015 is going to be my year of the conferences though. I swear!

Locally there are several very cool events I’m hoping to attend, so if you’re in the Dallas-Ft Worth area, hopefully I get to see you!

Sidney Sig

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