His Marriage Bargain is out in the wild!

hismarriagebargain_msr(1)Hello Dear Readers and welcome to release day!

It’s always an exciting day when a new book is out there, but for me the So Inked books are special. They’re my first series, my first real success and I feel like these women are my friends. Today I get to share with you the story of a woman who takes the hits and keeps on going. Autumn is my sleeper hero. You might not have thought much of her in the last two books–but I think you’ll get her this time around.

You can buy the book at Ellora’s Cave. It will be up on all major retail sites soon. Check out the blog, Facebook or Twitter for updates!

A woman who loves too much…

When Autumn’s best friend proposes a pretend marriage, the chance to make all the kisses she’s imagined real is too much for her to pass up. She seduces him with her body and enjoys pushing his boundaries and fulfilling their sexual fantasies—but her heart isn’t supposed to be part of the bargain.

A man about to take his last breath…

Sammi has just weeks left to live out his dying wish—the white picket fence, the house and the wife. If Autumn is the last woman he gets to taste he’ll die a lucky man. Her body, her heart—everything about her calls to him. But love isn’t supposed to be in the plans.

In the crucible of passion, these two lovers will find out what they’re really made from, and just how long I DO lasts.

Sidney Sig

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