A new look!

Dear Readers,

I have a confession to make.

I randomly decided to redesign the website.

Pretty sure if you’re reading this on the site, you’ve realized there’s a change. I’d read a few statements online, not always made to me, but about the site. It seems the entry graphic was too sexy. Now, I admit being a romance writer who leans toward the hotter side that my skew on what’s appropriate is sometimes lacking. So, if the site was offensive to you–I’m very sorry. It was never my intention. The last site redesign was done under duress I won’t go into. There were hackers and craziness–just more reason to back everything up!!

The new site has all the same functionality as the last one, it’s just got a little different polish. There are some features I’m going to roll out later, but for now–welcome to the new layout!!

New Sid Sig

2 thoughts on “A new look!

  1. Pansy Petal says:

    New look is okay, but I rather liked the last look. Guess I am skewed too. *sigh* I certainly was not offended. I like looking at pretty things. But whatever. Function is good. 😉

    • Sidney says:

      I admit to having a love of that couple’s stock art. I think it’s gorgeous! But, I don’t want to offend readers who might be going to the site from public locations or other places where such hot book covers might not be quite as acceptable. Also? I’ll probably change the whole thing in a couple months anyway.
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