FIGHTING HIS DESIRE is out in the wild!

Dear Readers,

Today is the day many of you have been waiting for! It’s the release day for the next book in the SO INKED series. Go get it!

A woman learning how to live again…

Six years ago Jenny Moss lost her family, her home, and the one man who really understood her. She’s picked herself up, divorced her high school sweetheart, and put her life back together. Now she’s ready for him. The one man she truly loved. But she’s not willing to bet it all on passion. She learned the hard way that giving her heart away only leads to pain.

A man struggling with his desire…

Lucas Howitt intended to slip home to Dallas, lay low and ply his trade at So Inked tattoo parlor. All of that goes up in smoke when he comes face to face with her. The one woman who ever made him want more than a good time. He’s done fighting his feelings. If Jenny will have him, he wants it all. So long as she never finds out his secrets.


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