DANGEROUS IN ACTION is out in the wild!

Dear Readers,

Today the second book in the Aegis Group Alpha Team series is out in the wild! Stay tuned for the cover reveal for book three…

He doesn’t like complications. 

Retired SEAL Isaac Cohen believes pleasure and work can coexist. What begins as a typical save the girl and get home job is anything but. Soon it’s not the girl who needs saving, it’s his team. 

Her whole life is complicated. 

Playing the part of a madman’s girlfriend nearly got Tanya killed. Two years undercover and the death of her partner have taken their toll. She doesn’t know who she can trust, until him. The man who catches her when she falls. 

Their no strings situation becomes a tangled mess of emotions. 

It’s a race against time to prove Tanya’s story is real. If she’s telling the truth, the whole eastern seaboard could be in danger. If not, Isaac could be falling for a woman more deadly than anything he’s ever encountered.


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